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Quartz kitchen worktop

One of the main worktops Brand which we offer is Quartz surfaces, these are some of the benefits of using a Quartz worktop.

quartz kitchen worktop

 Choosing your  Quartz worktop.

Choosing the perfect solid surface for your kitchen worktop can be a lengthy and difficult process, when you think of the of amount options available on the market. When making your decision there are a few key qualities which you need to think about, these include the Design, durability and usage practicality of your kitchen worktop, level of daily maintenance and should be unique to your style and space as each worktops Brands Corian, Quartz and Granite offer different colour pattern and textured. These are all particularly important to consider. Quartz worktops are hard wearing , they are perfect for your kitchen daily use easy to maintain and comes in a huge colour ranges.Here at Countertop Impact, we work with you by helping you with technical knowledge for you to make the best decision for your new kitchen worktop.

Take a look at our Quartz worktops colours below



Quartz worktops Colour Ranges




Modern Range of Quartz






What is Quartz worktops?

Quartz  kitchen worktops are made from crushed quartz along with polymer resins and colour pigments mixed together. In this mixture, the percentage of quartz is 93 percent and resin are 7 percent.  Quartz is a natural stone which is found in the earth, it is one of nature’s toughest material.

Due to this Quartz kitchen worktops are Extremely hard and therefore exceptionally durable. This makes it one of our most durable worktops and because of its thickness and quality it is less likely to crack or chip.

Quartz worktops are also High resistant therefore if you were to spill liquid it is not likely to stain. However, it can easily be cleaned and easy to maintain perfect for day-to-day life. It is a non-porous material its texture will not allow bacteria to grow.


 Quartz kitchen worktops are the UK’s leading kitchen surfaces.

It’s one of the best choices when it comes to bringing the magic of quartz countertops into your home or business. 

As dedicated Stone Worktop Suppliers, we prioritise durability, stain resistance, and low maintenance requirements in our quartz worktops. We take pride in delivering reliable products that stand the test of time. Our commitment to quality is evident in the craftsmanship of our quartz worktops, which exemplify our expertise as Quartz worktop Suppliers.


 Quartz slabs have combined natural quartz crystals with their innovative polymer resin to create a highly resistant, non-porous and scratch-resistant range of elegant quartz worktops. Quartz worktops are stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and non-porous, no sealing is required. Quartz surfaces are low maintenance simply use soap and water or non-abrasive cleaner can be used to keep them in perfect condition but restrain from using acidic cleaner products.

Unique, high-performance quartz worktops Unlike other surfaces, Quartz worktops feature a unique, specially-developed bacteriostatic formula which helps protect the surface against bacteria, making them the perfect surface top for both bathroom and kitchen applications.

Find the perfect countertop interior styles

We have a variety of quartz surfaces for you to choose from to incorporate into your kitchen design, available in a range of beautiful and varied colours to illustrate a contemporary design, traditional kitchens or a modern kitchen aspect.

Create a bold statement with the bright and vibrant white mirror quartz worktop or go for more natural, earth-like tones marble effect with Calacatta grey worktop. 

We know the power quartz kitchen surfaces can have over your living space so discuss your dream worktop in more detail and get the luxury quartz finish you’re looking for here at Countertop Impact.

For Quartz colour collection visit our Quartz Worktop page: QUARTZ COLOURS



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